Success and its elements

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2 min readMar 21, 2022

Success has a different definition for everyone. Someone measure the success with their physical assets like how much money they have in their account, how famous they are etc.

The defination of real success is far from what people say or follow, Success means your satisfaction, contribution, and happiness. It has nothing to do with your bank account, car, bungalows.

Facts: As per the world mental health report 36% are suffering from declining mental health (28% globally), 32% are lacking career motivation (25% globally), and (31%) are feeling disconnected from their own lives (23%).

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Why people are stressed, unsatisfied, and alone?

People want more even if they have more they needed here’s comes greed. The quality of your success is disregarded because there’s no limit to greed or wanting more it is an endless loop. Half of human life passes by only pretending what they are not and that’s how the conflict begins. People afraid of their originality and are more prone to hide their original selves. They think doing so makes them famous and branded, yes at a certain point but how long?

Once you get revealed your persona ends, people change their thoughts about a person, place, or things too often and no one can match this. If you really want to know what is success feels contribute, help, and build a great atmosphere for others. You can go bankrupt, your physical asset has limitations and will be destroyed. What remains with you is your dignity, helping nature, and goodwill even after you die.

If you have more than you need simply share with those who needed the most. Contribution is the key to success and sharing is not limited to your wealth but experience, knowledge, and resources. your contribution to society, in return you receive love, blessing, and satisfaction. People will recognize without showing off anything.

You become an ideal for them and that will not be limited to your existence or presence. For more information click here @maturemidz



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